Responding to Children in Juvenile Justice Centres in South Australia

The Commissioner for Children and Young people invited us to submit a case study on an issue that we see facing children and young people. Shelter SA highlighted young people exiting juvenile justice centres, a small but extremely vulnerable cohort. According to the Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People, Aboriginal children and

Housing Matters

In this edition: South Australia Lagging Behind, Membership Renewals and our Submission on Children Exiting Youth Detention. 

Housing Matters

In this edition: Our positive pet policy, a report on housing in the Barossa Valley region and news about the Don Dunstan Foundation Homelessness Conference.

Regional Crisis Accommodation and Young People Opinion Piece

Our Executive Director, Dr Alice Clark, wrote an opinion piece for Parity magazine, a Council to Homeless Persons national publication. Her piece covers some of the challenges faced by regional children and young people in terms of housing. Shelter SA holds two workshops per year in regional areas, to talk to residents and local workers

#PositivePetPolicy in South Australia

Private renters should be allowed to bring pets into their homes. Pets are a very important part of people’s lives, and there are undeniable links between pets and good mental health. More than two-thirds of Australian households own pets and with home ownership on the decline, more families must reside in private rental properties. During