Boarding House Information

Shelter SA has launched a new resource for rooming house residents! Residential tenancy law can be confusing and vulnerable renters may not know where to find helpful information. Building on our previous rooming house research and advocacy, Shelter SA has created a consumer friendly resource, in consultation with rooming house residents, to cover the main legal rights and responsibilities of

Boarding House Posters

Shelter SA has worked with a local artist, who is living in a boarding house, to make this bright, psychedelic artwork to help residents understand their legal rights. Contact us if you would like printed copies, or print using the link below. Combined posters for printing

Regional Councils and Community Services Directory

Shelter SA - Regional councils and community services directory - One of Shelter SA’s You Tube videos entitled How to find emergency housing support focuses on services available mainly for people living in the metropolitan area.  To complement this video, we have produced a comprehensive listing of all South Australian regional councils, community services, and generic homelessness services

Renting Guides

Step by step renting guides - Quite often it can be a daunting task when looking to rent - whether you are a first time tenant or someone who already rents but may be looking to move to another rental property.  Shelter SA has produced four simple guides to assist people who are in the rental

Information Sharing Guidelines Appendix

Shelter SA – Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG)  appendix - All relevant Government agencies and Non-Government organisations funded by the South Australian Government who provide services to vulnerable people including adults, children, young people and their families - are now obliged to implement an Information Sharing Guide(ISG).  To successfully implement an ISG, organisations are required to develop a procedure

The Keys to Successful Renting!

Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a private renter? More South Australians are renters now than ever before and having the right tools to enter the private rental market is critical to a positive renter experience. We’ve produced “Keys to Renting” - a series of images to guide South Australians through their renting experiences. The series