Housing and Homelessness Information & Assistance

This Shelter SA Housing & Homelessness Information sheet will help you to find the assistance you are looking for. The information is intended to be accessed electronically as contact details are provided through links to external websites. Please share widely!

Shelter SA Election Platform

Shelter SA is employing the same method we successfully applied prior to the 2018 South Australian election to seek commitments from our political parties and independents prior to the 2022 election. We have developed an Election Platform containing funding and policy requests with the objectives of improving housing outcomes and affordability for people living on

The Private Rental Market in South Australia

Take a listen to, Darryl Gobbett, Research Fellow from the Centre for Economic Studies, speaking with Leon Byner on radio 5AA, sharing his views on the private rental situation in South Australia, why it won't improve for some time and the reasons we need to build more social housing.  

Empty Homes

Read our Empty Homes article (shared with permission from Parity). It is estimated there are almost one million vacant residential properties in Australia - that is more than enough to accommodate every person experiencing homelessness. We look at ways to activate the homes and ease the pressure on the private rental market in South Australia.

Shelter SA Election Platform 2022

Shelter SA is preparing election asks in this election year 2021, ahead of the South Australian election in March 2022.  Read the draft Shelter SA Election Platform 2022 and see the invitation to come along to our launch on 9 June. In the lead up to the last South Australian election we wrote to all political

Moving On Report

The Shelter Moving On report is launched today! The first ever report shines a light on the experiences of private rental tenants, landlords and property managers across Australia to create a picture of how tenancies end in the private rental market and what changes are needed to make renting fairer. There is no available data set

Empty Homes in the City of Adelaide Report

Read our Shelter SA Empty Homes Project Report the latest research looking at empty homes in the City of Adelaide. There are enough empty homes, including student and tourist accommodation, to house everyone who is experiencing homelessness. Recommendations include collecting more accurate data in every local government area and ways to provide incentives for landlords