Make Renting Fair

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Make Renting Fair


South Australia has joined #MakeRentingFair!

Shelter SA is leading the South Australian charge to improve renters’ rights. We want renters’ voices to be heard in the review of South Australia's Residential Tenancies Act (1995). We know there are many areas of interest for renters, but our focus is on three main messages:

There should be an increase in pet-friendly rentals.

Pets are an important part of the family and should not be left behind. Read our Positive Pet Policy to understand our reasons behind our push for an increase in pet-friendly rentals. You can also read the comments we have received from renters who have shared their experiences of renting with pets.

Private renters are often forced to give up their pets (which often end up being euthanised) or face discrimination in the private rental market. We would like to see specific provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act (1995) to enable tenants to rent with pets - Read our Position Statement on "pet-friendly" rentals.

No-cause evictions must be abolished.

The provisions for "no-cause" evictions in the Residential Tenancies Act (1995) mean that landlords and/or agents can terminate a tenancy without specifying any grounds for termination. Not only does this undermine the idea of having a legal agreement in the first place, it also enables discrimination against tenants - Read our Position Statement on "no-cause" evictions.

Resources for tenant education, information, advice and advocacy must be increased.

Every State and Territory in Australia has a dedicated tenant resource organisation with the exception of South Australia. Read Shelter SA's Private Renter Policy & Advocacy Project, where we explore the need for and possibility of increasing the private rental tenant resources available in South Australia.

Get Involved

We want to see photos of your pets and hear your renter stories. We would like the Residential Tenancies Act to provide stronger rights for renters and we want renters’ voices to be heard. Use our social media platforms and tag us so that we can collect the stories. Please use and follow the hashtag #MakeRentingFair and not only will you see what’s happening here, but you can also follow interstate activity too!

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