Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report for 2018-2019 is now available online. Read the report to find out our achievements over the last Financial Year, the events that we held and view our members and stakeholders.

Social Landlord Discussion Paper

How are we being accountable to our tenants today? Our discussion paper explores the issues relating to the transfer of tenancy management from public housing to community housing, highlighting the tensions between being a caring landlord and running a viable housing business. We raise the following questions: How does the public know about public assets

Housing Solutions in the Adelaide Hills Region

As part of our Regional Engagement Strategy, and commitment to visit at least two regional and rural areas per year, Shelter SA planned and held a workshop with people who live and work in the Adelaide Hills. The aim of the workshop was to hear about housing issues unique to the region, and work with

A Guide to the Housing and Homelessness Strategy

The South Australian Government is developing a Housing and Homelessness Strategy for the State. They are currently seeking input from the public, and we encourage you to take the short survey to have your say on future plans for housing and homelessness. Shelter SA has prepared some tips to help people answer the survey or

Shelter SA Position Statement on Residential Tenancies Act (1995)

A number of tenant unions and tenant advocates across Australia, in conjunction with major political parties, are currently reviewing the tenancy laws within their jurisdictions in order to #MakeRentingFair. Some of the key issues being considered are the removal of no-cause evictions and allowing tenants to rent with pets, which are discussed in our Position

Knee Jerk Reactions and Myopia in Aged Care Policy

It’s great to hear our Federal and State parliamentary leaders publicly state their commitment to better protecting vulnerable people living in residential aged care from being abused, proposing that the $500,000 CCTV trial in residential aged care will give greater peace of mind that “loved ones are receiving quality care”. But how much is spin

Responding to Children in Juvenile Justice Centres in South Australia

The Commissioner for Children and Young people invited us to submit a case study on an issue that we see facing children and young people. Shelter SA highlighted young people exiting juvenile justice centres, a small but extremely vulnerable cohort. According to the Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People, Aboriginal children and

Regional Crisis Accommodation and Young People Opinion Piece

Our Executive Director, Dr Alice Clark, wrote an opinion piece for Parity magazine, a Council to Homeless Persons national publication. Her piece covers some of the challenges faced by regional children and young people in terms of housing. Shelter SA holds two workshops per year in regional areas, to talk to residents and local workers

#PositivePetPolicy in South Australia

Private renters should be allowed to bring pets into their homes. Pets are a very important part of people’s lives, and there are undeniable links between pets and good mental health. More than two-thirds of Australian households own pets and with home ownership on the decline, more families must reside in private rental properties. During