About Us

Shelter SA is a peak housing organisation and advocates for improved housing outcomes for everyone, including those who are on low incomes and who are living with disadvantage.

Access to affordable, appropriate and secure long-term housing is the key to overall social well-being, and is critical to improving health and education outcomes for everyone.

Shelter SA is a non-profit association incorporated in 1977 and is funded through the State Government’s Housing Minister’s Advisory Fund

Shelter SA is a member of National Shelter, a network of Australian housing organisations. State Shelters exist in every state except Victoria.


Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness

Shelter SA has a specific interest in Aboriginal housing and homelessness issues.  For more information and to read our publications on this topic, please click on the Publications Tab above.

For contact details and information about housing  and support services available in South Australia for Aboriginal people please visit http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/housing-property-and-land/housing/housing-for-aboriginal-people.

A directory of Aboriginal Resources is also available from: http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/community-support/resources-for-aboriginal-people