National Rental Affordability Index May 2017

According to the latest National Rental Affordability Index (NRAI), produced by National Shelter, SGS Economics and Planning and, Community Sector Banking, Adelaide’s rental affordability continues to decline.  The newly developed interactive map, released on the 17 May, shows that for South Australia’s low income earners, affordable housing options are few and far between.  The map allows users to visualise rental affordability across Adelaide, with the added option to input annual income and number of bedrooms or use a pre-set household profile.  We encourage you to see for yourself, where you could rent comfortably on your income or perhaps see where people with differing household profiles such as pensioner, single person on benefits or single part time working parent could live. Try the interactive map for yourself here.  The National Shelter media release is available here and to access the 2017 NRAI report, please click here: NRAI Report.