Regional Councils and Community Services Directory

Shelter SA - Regional councils and community services directory - One of Shelter SA’s You Tube videos entitled How to find emergency housing support focuses on services available mainly for people living in the metropolitan area.  To complement this video, we have produced a comprehensive listing of all South Australian regional councils, community services, and generic homelessness services with links to their respective websites.  The Directory is designed to assist all people who are specifically looking for support or advice regarding housing and homelessness and domestic violence in regional South Australia.   A how to use guide accompanies the interactive Directory and is available to view with the “How to find emergency housing support” video.  Please share it with your networks.  Please share it with your networks.  To access the Directory, please click here:  SA Regional Council and Community Services Directory.  If you have any questions regarding this Directory, please email us at [email protected] or phone 08 8223 4077.